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Download Opera  VPN free and unlimited for users of Android as it already did with iOS.


Applications like this are worth a review. It operates, the company manufacturer of the popular (though not much) browser of desktop and mobile has just launched a free and unlimited VPN for Androwhat not imposes restrictions of any type.

If you don't know what a VPN, we have what you. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network private virtual to which can connect you with the intention of outsource your navigation, i.e., not you connect direct with the site or the app that like access, but first you connect to the VPN, which delivers its id application. Yes, as it read, the application not takes it has of how many data are using, by own address IP to the server addressed, but not your data, i.e., anonymizes your connection. This prevents that someone can see what visits, what do and above all, your habits of navigation, as you track them sites advertising to send you advertising appropriate to what do in the network. This is made with purposes of security, avoiding intruders in your navigation that can view or track your activities in line.

can your security does not worry you much, but it is something we all should do: always navigate through a VPN. And it is that apart from hiding your IP and your browsing habits, also ensures your connection because the data are always encrypted between you and the VPN.

It is there where the application of Opera shows its value, typically access a unlimited VPN service and that will allow you to select the server to which you connect, costs a few dollars a month, a luxury which we can not give Venezuelans by the blessed shift control. And for that thank these initiatives free that fall as manna from the sky

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