FIFA Mobile Soccer v1.1.0 Android APK

FIFA Mobile Soccer v1.1.0 Android Apk

FIFA Mobile Soccer Android APk

Name: FIFA Mobile Soccer
Platform: Android
Requires: 4.3+
Type: Game Mobile
Version: 1.1.0

Playing Android FIFA Soccer mobile! Build and manage your team, play head to head, and return content updated daily. Both if you are an expert veteran or just of start in the field of football, the FIFA goes big and best that never, completely redesigned and built exclusively for the mobile with a download of less than 100 MB. Directs your team last I know the Manager of your favorite team with a new approach to the collection and the building. Create a larger and deeper team, making adjustments on the fly of the poster, and quickly change tactics before each game. Do the correct movements and see your club gets better every day.

lead levels of innovators of the competition to their game with attack mode. Enjoy of a myriad of exciting parties that you keep asking to shouts more as manages them possessions offensive. Keep the power of their equipment in their hands played with size of a snack and controls updated. Keep is to the day with events real keep is connected with the game that housewives them 365 days of the year with content daily based in stories and parties up to the date. Jump to the instantly in fast, reproducible in live events that change each hour, and take a photo in awards incredible, packages, and those articles of the player.

Attach it to a League, conquer the world
for the first time, participate in leagues, a truly social experience that lets you join forces and fight for glory with friends and players around the world. Put to test your skills in the Championships inter-leagues or take a capture of compete against leagues of all the world to upload tables of classification and conquer opponents of first level. In combination with the possibility of chat and send gifts, leagues that make part of the community of the soccer world.

More than 30 leagues, 650 teams real, and 17,000 players real make that the FIFA mobile a real experience of Football Mobile that not want to leave. Important results thanks to their favorite star-of main defenders attackers holders and plunge into the sport in the world!
Important consumer information: this application requires a persistent Internet connection (network charges may apply). Requires the acceptance of EA political of privacy and Cookies, TOS and EULA. Collects data through the third analysis technology match (see the privacy policy and cookies for more details). Contains links direct to the sites of Internet and the networks social destined to a public more than 13.
Terms of service:
Privacy and cookie policy:
Game EULA: http: / /
Visit for assistance or consultation.
EA can remove features and services online after 30 days notice posted the www.ea. com / 1 / services-updates

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Name: PACMAN 6.2.0
Platform: Android
Requires: 2.3.3
Type: game
Version: 6.2.0

PAC MAN v6.2.0 apk for android, full apk Pirates PAC-MAN v6.2.0 mega mod latest version, download the game PAC-MAN v6.2.0, download PAC-MAN v6.2.0 apk, download PAC-MAN v6.2.0 mega mod free for android, download PAC-MAN v6.2.0 apk free. General description: throw away the one and only PAC-MAN in an adventure of puzzles, brain-busting! Chomp your way to through Snack-land and help to PAC-MAN bounce his road of turned to house through a frenzy full of food of proportions epic.

Can it break through the sandwich Island filled with Picnic Park? Or perhaps caves candy cruise for some sweet! Jump in the last day juicy of PAC-MAN: rebound in them walls, obstacles of bypass, waka waka in PAC-DOTS, avoid them ghosts, collect them star, and the key to grab is of win!

◆ LEVELS awesome! Bounce on more than 100 unique levels.
◆ WORLDS delicious! Spring your way through 10 made from tasty snacks tasty worlds.
◆ ENEMIES to chew! Dodge the obstacles and dangerous enemies including the infamous ghost gang: Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde.
◆ FRIENDS be more cunning! Compete against your friends on Facebook.

BombSquad v1.4.99 DATA APK ANDROID

BombSquad v1.4.99 DATA APK ANDROID
Name: BombSquad
Platform: Android
Required: 4.0+
Type: game
Version: 1.4.99

BombSquad v1.4.99 apk for android, full apk BombSquad v1.4.99 Pro Edition latest version, download the game BombSquad v1.4.99, download BombSquad v1.4.99 apk, download BombSquad v1.4.99 Pro Edition free for android, download BombSquad v1.4.99 apk free. General description: inflate your friends in mini-games ranging from capture the flag for hockey!

With 8 players multiplayer local / network, blasts free, advanced ragdoll physics face plant, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, cooks crazy, and more.

BombSquad supports touchscreens, as well as a variety of drivers for what all their friends can get into the action.

You can even use those phones and tablets as drivers through the ' Bombsquad remote ' application free.

SimCity BuildIt Apk+Data v1.3.4.26938 Full Android

SimCity BuildIt Apk+Data v1.3.4.26938 Full Android

Required: Android 2.3.3++
Size: 221MB

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk Data - WELCOME MAYOR! We’re glad to have you on board. Your first order of business – create your own gorgeous, unique city that has citizens vying to move in. But remember, the larger your city gets, the more needs your citizens have. This is an all-new SimCity game – re-imagined for mobile!

With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, this is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Strategically place buildings to keep the taxes flowing and your city growing. Pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees as you manage your city on the go – both online and offline.

Create and trade resources with friends and other cities. Unlock exclusive buildings like Big Ben and The Arc de Triomphe, or unleash natural (and not so natural) disasters!

Solve real city challenges like traffic, fires, and pollution. Balance services like power and entertainment to give your citizens what they need. Complete fun challenges to specialize your city and shape society.

Watch your city come to life – night and day!

SimCity BuildIt Apk+Data v1.3.4.26938 Full Android

SimCity BuildIt Apk+Data v1.3.4.26938 Full Android

Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 APK ANDROID FREE

Android Free download Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 

Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 APK ANDROID FREE

Platform: Android
Required: 4.1
Type: game
Version: 9.2.3239

Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 apk for android, full apk Minions Paradise  v9.2.3239 mod latest version, download game Minions Paradise v9.2.3239, down Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 apk, download Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 mega mod download free Android Minions Paradise v9.2.3239 free apk. Overview: join the henchmen in the vacation of a lifetime!

When a lovely yet awkward Minion named Phil accidentally sinks the cruise takes its vacationing friends Minion, decides to become a deserted tropical island the perfect paradise™ Minions! Join Illumination Entertainment creators - the film subordinates--and EA as his favorite minions take on an incredible journey of games formobile phones.

Unleash your creativityHelp Phil built the Minions perfect paradise! Customize your island with jacuzzis, sun loungers, beach volleyball courts, and Tiki decorations. Trees Firefly plant, power harness electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas to craft fun items to give tohis friends from the vacation of a lifetime!

Your island paradise grows, also potential makes it for more Minion-fun! Go watercrocodile, pull handles on the objectives of a hot air balloon, or run the perfect dive out a water slide. The more land you do, happier friends Minion will be!

Phil is the construction of the perfect island paradise for all your Minion friends, including Kevin, Stuart, and Bob's subordinates film! Make holiday dreams come true the Minions and knows that tribe might be the next!

Rock out with STUART
Connect with your friends online to help Stuart put a Minion amazing concert! Gather items together as a team and see how Stuart jams on his ukulele in a special show!

Villain take vacation
What is a Minion party without a little bit of mischief? Phil help unlock a special villains station and see who comes to visit! All your favorite film subordinates are ontheir way, but these despicable villains needed the help of Phil to enjoy paradise and put their own cowardly plans in motion.



Platform: Android

Required: 4.1
Type: application
Version: 32.0

IPTV Extreme Pro v32.0 apk  android, apk full IPTV Extreme Pro v32.0 latest version, download the IPTV app Extreme Pro v32.0, get IPTV Extreme Pro apk, download v32.0 IPTV Extreme Pro v32.0 download free for android, IPTV Extreme Pro v32.0free apk. 

Description general: Watch IPTV of its supplier of services or channels ofTV online free from the web.

Features:-Mode of view prior style YouTube (Beta)-Lists of playlist M3U's support-Support EPG (guide of the TV)-Update automatic EPG-EPG alias management-All the suppliers of EPG is included

-Picons support in different sizes
-Possibility to download programs On Demand!
-Possibility of recording Streaming in live with limit of time!
-More than 10 themes available!
-Time of recording (only Pro)
-Management Timers (only Pro)
-Autostart function start
-Set the function Memo for events in TV Guide
-Search for similar events in TV Guide
-Slide the time EPG

Additional features are available in the Pro version:
-Free ads
-(Beta) search automatic's list of play free on the web!
-Recording time
-Many thanks on my part
-Many others even in brief...

Please note that this application does not contain integrated channels. You have touse your own list of IPTV to see channels

Instructions for installation:
* In the first place, you need to add through the insertion of link m3u playlist or select a previously saved playlist file.

This app has ads.

Troid VPN Free VPN Proxy Apk Android Full Download

Troid VPN Free VPN Proxy Apk Android Full Download

Version: 86
Updated: 30 August 2016
Offered By: TunnelGuru
Requirement: Android 4.0+
Developer: TunnelGuru

Here you can download Troid VPN Free VPN Proxy apk Android app (Latest Version) package file for your mobile and tablets. Save apk file in your device disc and go through install procedure. Keep in mind that here we share original apk files (without any modification or change) rolled out by the respected owners/developers for public and home use only.

TroidVPN : TunnelGuru for Android

TroidVPN – a Free VPN proxy tool helps you to protect your online privacy , makes your browsing safe, keep your location private, It boosts Internet speed and save your bandwidth by compressing data and using appropriate protocol ( UDP / TCP / ICMP) which is fast in your network , Makes you internet surfing experience better.

VPN Features

> Protect your online privacy.
> Increase your Internet Speed
> Save bandwidth by compressing data.
> Wi-Fi Hotspot Security.
> VPN Protocol Selection and Port selection available which makes it a robust VPN proxy tool.
> No speed limitation.
> Protect your device by acting as a virtual Firewall.
> No ROOT required (Except ICMP VPN )
> Very Easy to use VPN.
> Mask your IP address and identity using VPN server IP.
> Daily Free privacy protection on your 100 MB Data.
> VPN Server locations in over 15 countries.
> All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.
> A simple and easy to use VPN for your phone and tablet.
> No registration required.

This App needs a few permissions:

Access Current Location.
Access External Storage.
Access Network.
Access Phone State.
Access Task List.


Download Opera  VPN free and unlimited for users of Android as it already did with iOS.


Applications like this are worth a review. It operates, the company manufacturer of the popular (though not much) browser of desktop and mobile has just launched a free and unlimited VPN for Androwhat not imposes restrictions of any type.

If you don't know what a VPN, we have what you. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network private virtual to which can connect you with the intention of outsource your navigation, i.e., not you connect direct with the site or the app that like access, but first you connect to the VPN, which delivers its id application. Yes, as it read, the application not takes it has of how many data are using, by own address IP to the server addressed, but not your data, i.e., anonymizes your connection. This prevents that someone can see what visits, what do and above all, your habits of navigation, as you track them sites advertising to send you advertising appropriate to what do in the network. This is made with purposes of security, avoiding intruders in your navigation that can view or track your activities in line.

can your security does not worry you much, but it is something we all should do: always navigate through a VPN. And it is that apart from hiding your IP and your browsing habits, also ensures your connection because the data are always encrypted between you and the VPN.

It is there where the application of Opera shows its value, typically access a unlimited VPN service and that will allow you to select the server to which you connect, costs a few dollars a month, a luxury which we can not give Venezuelans by the blessed shift control. And for that thank these initiatives free that fall as manna from the sky

Google play 

PokeNotify Apk v3.0 | Apps Download For Android Free

PokeNotify Apk v3.0 | Apps Download For Android Free
PokeNotify Apk For Android

PokeNotify v3.0 Apk for Android its a super simple app for Android (iOS coming soon!) that lets you select the pokemon, that you want to be notified of. When a Pokemon you've chosen is near your location, the app will send you a notification about the Pokemon's presence. Tapping that notification will open the Maps app to show you the Pokemon's precise location, when it will disappear, and directions and travel time to get to the Pokemon from your current location, via driving or walking.

PokeNotify uses real Pokemon locations, not crowdsourced data, so you can always be sure the information is accurate and up to date. In addition, unlike other apps, PokeNotify does not require you to log in with any account, so its super easy to set up and there's very little risk of being banned.

New Features

- Fix for a bug where the Maps app showing the precise location of Pokemon wasn't opening for some users

- Fix for some users not getting any notifications for Pokemon in their area

- Fix for some bugs that caused the app to crash sometimes

- Addition of select all / unselect all buttons when selecting what Pokemon to be notified of

- Battery life improvements

- Location fuzzing so your exact location is never sent, only somewhere nearby


PokeNotify Apk v3.0 | Apps Download For Android FreePokeNotify Apk v3.0 | Apps Download For Android Free

PokeNotify Apk v3.0
Download PokeNotify 
download PokeNotify Apk v3.0
Download PokeNotify Apk 

Smart Launcher Pro 3 Apk Latest Full Free Download

Smart Launcher Pro 3 Apk

Required: Android 2.2 ++
Version: 3.05.7
Size: 3.1MB

Smart Launcher Pro 3 Apk Cracked Android - Smart Launcher Pro 3 Apk is the innovative launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. Speed up your Android device with this app. Download Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk Paid Latest Version for free and full here..!!

More Apps For Android :

Smart Launcher 3 is completely different from any other launcher on Play Store. It's not based on the AOSP launcher.

Smart Launcher 3 Features :

- Low resource requirements, save RAM and battery
- Material design
- Quick access to your favourite apps
- Double tap on an icon to start a second app
- Your apps list is automatically sorted by categories
- Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web
- Notifications on homescreen
- Turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface
- Integrated lockscreen with notifications
- Highly personalizable. Tons of themes and lockscreen, support for almost all iconpack
- Plugin architecture. You can download and enable only the features you want
- Security: You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with password
- Optimized to be comfortably used both in portrait and landscape mode
- Runs on almost every Android device. Runs on phone, tablet and Google TV
- Community driven development

What's New :

Version 3.0x
The biggest SL update ever!
- Material design
- Smart search bar.
- Flat surface detection.
- Resizable widget for the homescreen.
- New quickstart layout: ARC
- Editable label for apps
- New lockscreen with notifications
- Sort mode "by install time"

GOOGLEPLAY : ginlemon flowerpro


Smart Launcher 3 Pro ApkSmart Launcher 3 Pro

Smart Launcher Pro 3 AndroidSmart Launcher Pro 3 Apk Android

Smart Launcher Pro 3Smart Launcher Pro